Economic Justice

Our Mission – Fighting for our right to freedom from want.

Our action group is dedicated to one of Franklin Roosevelt’s four freedoms: “freedom from want.” We are focused on protecting and enlarging state and federal policies that reduce poverty and economic inequality in our society.


Our Mission
  • Raising the minimum wage: Raising the New Jersey state minimum wage and addressing the issue of securing a living wage
  • Tax reform: Reducing property taxes; restoring the New Jersey tax surcharge for high-income earners; and restoring the New Jersey estate tax, which was eliminated in 2016
  • Social safety net: Defending the Affordable Care Act and other programs particularly important to middle class and working class people
  • Well funded education: Better funding for schools and colleges to allow better education and lower property taxes and tuition charges.
  • Equal pay for men and women
  • Reducing student debt
  • Strengthening unions
Current Activities
  • Working with the New Jersey campaigns to raise the New Jersey minimum wage to $15 an hour and to raise the minimum wage at Rutgers University
  • Working with the New Jersey campaign to restore the estate tax
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Economic Justice Action Group Issue Briefs

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⇒Fighting Economic Inequality 
⇒Minimum Wage Facts

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